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  • Robert Stephenson Hawthorn 0-6-0T No.7151

    • Pre TOPS number: 7151
    • Construction year: 1944
    • Builder/Number: Robert Stephenson Hawthorn (7151)
    • Stored out of service


    This handsome side tank engine was one of a class used by a variety of Midland power stations. No. 1751 was purchased by a Trust member from Hams Hall Power Station (CEGB) where its large size and power was used to haul 1000 ton coal trains. The engine was moved to Bitton in 1980 and, following minor repairs and fitting of vacuum brake and steam heat equipment, entered service on the Santa Special trains that year. It was used on a regular basis for a couple of years until coming up for its ten year boiler overhaul.

    The extent of the overhaul was greater than first thought, including work on the wheels and motion. A new inner firebox was also required which cost several thousands of pounds to manufacture and fit. The engine finally returned to traffic in November 1999 and has been a regular performer on the railway ever since.


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