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    2022 Timetable

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    Our New trains timings for 2022

    Standard Timetable

    Bitton (Departure)10:4512:0013:1514:3015:45
    Oldland Common (Arrival)10:5012:0513:2014:3515:50
    Oldland Common (Departure)11:0312:1813:3314:4816:03
    Bitton (Arrival)11:0812:2313:3814:5316:08
    Bitton (Departure)11:1312:2813:4314:5816:13
    Avon Riverside (Arrival)11:2012:3513:5015:0516:20
    Avon Riverside (Departure)11:3312:4814:0315:1816:33
    Bitton (Arrival)11:4012:5514:1015:2516:40
    Every effort will be made to provide the advertised services and locomotives, but unforeseen circumstances may entail alterations or cancellation at short notice
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