Conditions of Carriage

When travelling on any of our trains, please note our Conditions of Carriage

Whilst every effort will be made to maintain services, the Avon Valley Railway does not guarantee that trains will depart or arrive at the times stated. We reserve the right to alter, delay or cancel any train without notice. No liability for any loss, inconvenience or delay can be accepted.

Steam locomotives can be noisy and dirty pieces of equipment. Sometimes they release cinders and other oily deposits into the atmosphere. We regret that we cannot take responsibility for damage to visitors’ clothing, vehicles or other personal belongings caused by these occurrences.

Please mind the gap or step between the train and the platform edge. This gap will vary by station so caution should be exercised when boarding or alighting the train.

Our carriage are vintage 1950s rolling stock. These may not be of the same comfort as modern carriages. Doors are opened via locks on both the inside and outside (unlike mainline stock which is controlled via central door locking). This means doors can be opened whilst the train is in motion. Care must be taken when alighting – make sure you are adjacent to a platform.

Danger of death; Do not lean any part of your body out of the carriage windows at any time.

At all times the train is under the control of the Guard. If instructed to do, or not do, something whilst onboard the train or at one of the stations you are politely to comply with any such request.

in line with government legislation, ATOC advice and for passenger comfort, smoking is not permitted on any of our trains or around the station site. Electronic cigarettes are also not permitted.

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