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Since the early 1970s the Avon Valley Railway has amassed a large collection of locomotives. Some have already been restored and are in regular use, whilst others are either undergoing a meticulous overhaul or awaiting their turn for some 'tender loving care'. The following information provides a brief history of some of the railways stock.

Name Pre TOPS number TOPS number Origin Class Whyte Built Status
Avonside 0-6-0ST 'Edwin Hulse' 0-6-0ST 1918 Under restoration at Bitton
Fowler 4F 0-6-0 44123 44123 London, Midland and Scottish 4F 0-6-0 1925 Under restoration at Bitton
Robert Stephenson Hawthorn 0-6-0T No.7151 7151 0-6-0T 1944 In use at Bitton
Manning Wardle 0-6-0ST No.5 'Littleton' 5 0-6-0ST 1922 Awaiting restoration at Bitton
Barclay 0-4-0DM 'Kingswood' 0-4-0DM 1959 In use at Bitton
BR Class 07 0-6-0DE No.D2994 D2994 07010 British Rail 07 0-6-0DE 1962 In use at Bitton
BR Class 73/1 Bo-Bo Electo-Diesel No.73101 'The Royal Alex' E6007 73101 British Rail 73/1 1966 Previous Resident
Ruston Hornsby 0-6-0DH No.429 429 0-6-0DH 1961 In use at Bitton
4wDM 'Basil' 1945 Under restoration at Long Marston
0-4-0DM No.WD70031 'Grumpy' 0-4-0DM 1941 Under restoration at Bitton
Sentinel 0-8-0DH No.610 'General Lord Robertson' 610 0-8-0DH 1963 Stored out of use at Bitton
Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0DM No.D1171 'Western Pride' D1171 Previous Resident
Ruston Hornsby 4wDM (No.210481) 1941 Chassis only - stored at Long Marston
Ruston Hornsby 4wDM (No.252823) Chassis only - stored at Long Marston
BR Class 107 DMU 107431 and 107445 British Rail 107 1960 In use at Bitton
BR Class 31/1 No. 31130 'Calder Hall Power Station' D5548 31130 British Rail 31 1959 In use at Bitton