Online Jigsaw Puzzles!

If you can’t visit the Avon Valley Railway in person why not have a go at our new online jigsaw puzzles? Featuring a range of images of the station building and our locomotives and rolling stock they’re great fun for adults and children alike! See how quickly you can complete them all.

Please note, the links will take you to a third party website and the Avon Valley Railway takes no responsibility for this site.

Bitton Station
preview24pieceBitton Station EASY
preview120pieceBitton Station HARD

Fry’s locomotive before and after restoration
preview24pieceFrys locomotive before and after EASY
preview120pieceFrys locomotive before and after HARD

Steam locomotive WD132 ‘Sapper’
preview24pieceSteam locomotive EASY
preview120pieceSteam locomotive HARD

Diesel Multiple Unit at Avon Riverside Station
preview24pieceDMU at Avon Riverside EASY
preview119pieceDMU at Avon Riverside HARD

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