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    Santa Experience 2021


    Thank you for considering booking tickets for our Santa Specials, we’d love to welcome you onboard!

    As you’ll appreciate, we’re having to release tickets for sale before we know what the situation looks like in December and what, if any, restrictions may come back into force at that time. We very much hope that Christmas will look much more normal, but we hope you understand if last minute changes are necessary.

    We’ll continue with doing a few things differently to help stop the spread of the virus. There’ll be hand sanitiser available throughout your visit and we’ll be managing social distancing by seating family groups and support bubbles in separate compartments or areas, away from other passengers. However, we still really want you to have a great time and enjoy that festive feeling. Christmas comes just once a year after all!

    If you’ve visited us recently you’ll know that we’ve changed the way we’re selling tickets with each family group being seated in their own compartment or area with table seating of up to eight people, separate from other passengers. To book, simply choose the date and time you wish to travel and select one of the available compartments. Then, select the different ticket types for the people travelling with you and ‘seat not required’ for any you don’t need. That just stops anyone else from being able to sit with you on the day to help maintain social distancing. However, if you book six or more seats we’ll offer you a 10% discount on all the seats purchased, so why not bring grandparents or other family members with you and make the most of seeing Santa! Trains will depart at 10:20, 11:40, 13:00, 14:20 and 15:40.

    Once onboard, you’ll enjoy a mince pie or festive biscuit as you travel the line and when you return to Bitton Station you’ll meet Santa and have the chance to take family photographs with him. All good boys and girls will receive a present from him too! But, like last year, he’s going to have to make some changes to the gifts he gives out as the virus (and now supply issues caused by Brexit) is causing no end of problems for his elves in Lapland. They’re having real problems getting hold of the things they need to make presents for all the little boys and girls. Therefore, specifically for this year, he’ll be giving a gift suitable for all ages 1 – 7 which will be in the form of a high quality Avon Valley Railway ‘Station Master’ plush teddy bear with a couple of presents suitable for our youngest infant visitors as well as older boys and girls aged 8+.

    The most important thing is that we’ll do our best to provide all of the usual elements of our Santa experience; the train ride, the chance to meet Santa and a present for all children. But, as you’ll appreciate, this year may remain very different and restrictions may be re-imposed at the last minute meaning some of these may just not be possible on the day, but we’ll do our absolute best to make it happen where we can.

    Finally, you’ll be pleased to know that the festive Christmas donkeys will be returning once again and you’ll be able to see these on the lawn at Bitton Station, either before or after you’ve travelled on the train. Once you’ve left our elves will then be working hard cleaning and sanitising the train before the next passengers arrive.

    We very much look forward to welcoming you to our Santa Specials!


    How To Book

    Advanced booking is essential for this event.  Simply select the date and time of your choice. You’ll then see a graphical layout of a railway carriage.  In order for the booking system to know who’s coming you’ll need to choose a ‘carriage’ and the seats you would like from those that are available.  As soon as you select one seat, all eight seats in the compartment (or the table opposite in the case of Coach D) will become selected.  Choose the ticket types you need and ‘seat not required’ for any remaining tickets.  Then just login or create a customer account and follow the instructions to pay for the tickets as you would any other online purchase.

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    Booking Conditions

    1. We will do our absolute best to provide all of the usual elements of our Santa experience; the train ride, chance to meet Santa and a present for all children. But, as you’ll appreciate, this year is very different and restrictions may be imposed at the last minute meaning some of these may just not be possible on the day.  We hope you’ll understand if this happens and, so long as the station can be open, you’ll be able to visit and collect your child’s gift, hopefully from Santa or possibly one of his elves. In these circumstances we unfortunately won’t be able to offer a refund, but as a charity we hope you will see this as supporting us through these difficult times.
    2. An administration charge of £5.00 may be made for cancelled bookings and £5.00 for alterations to bookings.
    3. For your comfort, smoking is not permitted on the train. Dogs, except guide dogs, are not allowed on the train.
    4. Promotional discount vouchers and members’ concessions are not valid during this period.
    5. Refunds are not issued if you do not arrive on time, and whilst every effort will be made to accommodate you on a later train, this cannot be guaranteed.
    6. Limited accommodation for wheelchair passengers is available on request – please state your requirements clearly when booking.
    7. Whilst every effort will be made to maintain the timetable the Company does not guarantee that the trains will depart at the times stated, and reserves the right to cancel, alter or suspend any train without notice or to substitute any locomotive. No liability for loss or inconvenience can be accepted.
    Posted on November 6th, 2019
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