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  • Other Projects

    It is the Trust’s strategic aim to extend the line to Newbridge on the outskirts of Bath. In order to facilitate this we need to undertake a number of essential projects both to the infrastructure of the Railway and to its locomotives and rolling stock. None of these projects are without significant expense and we need to raise the funds in order to pay for them. These funds can be raised through donations, membership fees, legacy funding and through grant and crowd funding. For this we need your help, please!!

    Recently we have undertaken a number of projects and grant funding applications

    Heating the static Buffet carriges

    This was undertaken with assistance of funding from South Gloucestershire Council and involved installing energy efficient air to air heat pump systems, which were installed by local company Gregor Heating & Renewable Energy. This has now been completed and is a success, providing warmth in the winter and cooling in the summer.

    Heating the station building

    We have just completed the installation of a similar system to the station and Buffet serving area, enabled by a generous grant of £13,560 from Cory Environmental Trust in Great Britain, and again undertaken by Gregor Heating. However, in order to attain this particular grant Avon Valley Railway Heritage Trust had to make a third-party contribution of £1356.

    Station canopy

    We are removing the life-expired marquee canopy that has served us well for many years on the station platform. This will be replaced by a permanent heritage style station canopy. This project has been made possible by a generous grant of £49,665 from Suez Communities Trust. Again, to make this grant possible Avon Valley Railway Heritage Trust had to make a third-party contribution of £5,711.47. We are about to have the concrete foundation pads installed, and are aiming to have the canopy erected in September.

    Future projects

    1) Extending the Buffet building and removing the two white containers.
    2) Erecting an all-weather maintenance building to ensure that all restoration and maintenance work can be carried out more efficiently under cover, whilst reducing noise levels in the vicinity. This will allow repairs and restoration work to be undertaken more effectively to time schedules as the work will not be effected by the weather.
    3) Museum – Creating the maintenance facility will allow us the opportunity to turn the Goods Shed into a much-needed Museum and Educational Facility, better equipped to display our collection of railwayana and local artefacts, whilst providing a lecture/activity area for visiting schools and other groups
    4) Rebuilding the Signal Box at Bitton, in order to return the site to its original pre-Beeching appearance, and providing us with a more efficient points and signalling operation.
    5) Upgrading the Riverside Halt by installing a platform shelter and improving the platform structure to ensure that it is suitable to handle the extension to Bath

    In order to achieve these projects, we will need to seek Grant Funding from various source, many of which require that we make a ten per cent Third-Party Contribution to get the awarded sum released. We therefore need to ensure that we have the reserves in hand to make these Third-Party Contributions, but unfortunately these reserves are not sufficient and we desperately do need your assistance to ensure that we have the reserves in place to ensure that we do not miss the boat on possible grant funding.

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