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    The Avon Valley Railway is run by volunteers, and new members are always welcomed. We have a growing membership who all have one thing in common – a desire to see the return of trains to the Avon Valley itself – be it steam or diesel.  Membership prices are very reasonable, yet each new member that joins us makes a fantastic difference to the future of the Avon Valley Railway. There are two types of membership; “Annual” and “Premier Gold” – read below for more information about the differences.

    We look forward to welcoming you as a member of the Avon Valley Railway!

    Annual Membership

    Members who subscribe by Annual Membership receive the following benefits:

    • Three vouchers entitling you to travel for just £1 (which you simply exchange at the Booking Office of the day of travel). Each ticket is valid for a whole day, for as many journeys as are available that day. You can either use them yourself, or pass them on to friends or family so that they may enjoy the experience.
    • Half price travel for yourself on as many days as you wish throughout the year (special events excluded).
    • Semaphore magazine The Avon Valley Railway’s official members’ magazine ‘Semaphore’. This twice-yearly magazine is a mine of information about the Railway, its history and future plans, reports from the various departments, and a forum for letters and views of all members. Containing many photographs, this quality full colour illustrated magazine spans approximately 30 pages.
    • Ground Signal, a supplementary newsletter published bi-monthly for members, between issues of Semaphore. In Ground Signal, you can catch up on all latest news of progress on the railway.
    • 10% discount off the majority of products in our shop.
    • Social events organised throughout the year, including members’ evenings, skittles matches, day trips, meals and all sorts of other social get-togethers.
    • The chance to help run YOUR railway, with opportunities to be trained in a variety of activities connected with the operation of the line, from Ticket Inspector to Engine Driver. See our Volunteering page for more information.

    Premier Gold Membership

    Premier Gold Membership gives you additional advantages over and above annual membership, and in most cases works out cheaper as well. Premier Gold Membership lasts for five years (Adult or Over 60), subscriptions offers a saving of around 12% over the standard, annual subscription, and of course all Premier Gold Members also receive 3 vouchers every year of there member years after that they will also have Half price travel for yourself on as many days as you wish throughout the year (special events excluded).

    Subscription Rates


    Joint Adult (2 adults at the same address)£30.00
    Senior (over 60)£15.00
    Joint Senior (2 seniors at the same address)£24.00
    Student/Young Person (14-18yrs)£12.00
    Family A (2 adults and up to 4 children up to 14 yrs old)£36.00
    Family B (1 adult and up to 4 children up to 14 yrs old)£24.00


    Adult (valid 5 years)£72.00
    Joint Adults (valid 5 years, 2 adults at the same address)£120.00
    Over 60 (valid 5 years)£60.00
    Joint Over 60 (valid 5 years, 2 seniors at the same address)£96.00

    Payment for all types of membership can be made by cheque, postal order, standing order, or credit/debit card.

    Please come and join us! You don’t have to do anything more than become a member, but of course the opportunity is there for you to become more involved with all aspects of running the railway, should you choose to become a volunteer. Whatever your choice, you’ll find a warm welcome, and our sincerest gratitude – we never forget that without our members, nothing of what we’ve already achieved with the restoration of the railway, would ever have been possible!

    To become a member please contact us. You can pay with a cheque, postal order, credit card or standing order mandate by post.

    Application Form

    Membership Form

    Either download, complete on the computer and print or download, print and complete by hand. Alternatively you can contact us via the link below or visit the Station in person.

    If you want to know more

    If you would like to join, or have any enquiries regarding membership, please contact our Membership Secretary at

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