• Buffet open 7 days a week 9am-4pm

    • No passenger trains will be operating 25th & 26th Sept due to private booking

    • Last day Sunday 19th Sept 1940’s day.

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    Amazon Wish List – How Can You Help?


    Volunteers at Avon Valley Railway give their time to work outdoors in the elements to restore carriages, engines, track and the station at Avon Valley Railway, which is part of British history that would be lost without the dedication and hard work carried out every day.

    You can help to retain a piece of British history for future generations. If you would like to support these generous and wonderful people and enrich your favorite place of history…

    Please take a look at the Wish List and consider making a purchase. There are a range of items to suit all budgets, and a description of why they are beneficial. Through Amazon, your purchase will be delivered directly to us.

    Our Amazon Wish List is a really easy way to help and donate to Avon Valley Railway. It will provide necessary items for the volunteers to continue to carry out the essential works here at Avon Valley Railway

    All you need to do is click here, browse through the items and add something to your basket just like your normal shopping. The lovely people at Amazon will then deliver it straight to Avon Valley Railway.

    View our Wish List

    Thank you for your generosity and continuing support

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