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  • Diesel Enthusiast Days

    May 14 & July 30

    Join us for a trip onboard one of our diesel-hauled Enthusiast trains. Purchase an Enthusiast day ticket for unlimited travel on our 10:45, 12:00, 13:15, 14:30 & 15:45 trains. Stay on as much as you like, or jump off to enjoy refreshments in our licensed Buffet at Bitton Station.

    Your journey lasts fifty minutes and you’ll travel both ways from Bitton Station. First you’ll head north to our station at Oldland Common. Next you’ll travel back south onto the more scenic part of your journey to our station at Avon Riverside before returning to Bitton. At either end of the line you’re welcome to disembark and watch the locomotive running round to the other end of the train.

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    Posted on February 28th, 2022
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