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  • ‘Boys & Their Toys’

    ‘Boys & Their Toys’
    Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th April 2018
    Enjoy a weekend of model railways from the members of the Avon Valley Railway.
    Go on a brake-van ride around the station.
    Plus see traction and static miniature engines up close!
    Timetable D
    Standard train ticket price (with entrance fee to the exhibits)

    Bitton (Departure)11:0011:3512:1512:5013:3014:0514:4515:2016:0016:35
    Oldland (Arrival)11:0711:4012:2212:5513:3714:1014:5215:2516:0716:40
    Oldland (Departure)11:2011:4512:3513:0013:5014:1515:0515:3016:2016:45
    Bitton (Arrival)11:2511:5012:4013:0513:5514:2015:1015:3516:2516:50
    Bitton (Departure)11:3012:2012:4513:3514:0014:5015:1516:0516:30
    Avon Riverside (Arrival)11:3712:2512:5213:4014:0714:5515:2216:1016:37
    Avon Riverside (Departure)11:5012:3013:0513:4514:2015:0015:3516:1516:50
    Bitton (Arrival)12:0012:3713:1513:5214:3015:0715:4516:2217:00

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