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    • No passenger trains will be operating 25th & 26th Sept due to private booking

    • Last day Sunday 19th Sept 1940’s day.

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  • Murder Mystery

    You are invited to join us for an evening of mystery and murder. 

    Victims and suspects gather on the platform before departure, ready for an exciting evening onboard the Avon Valley Express.  During the evening there will be plots to unmask, intrigue, and even the occasional murder.  Can you help the Chief Inspector unravel the mystery and solve the most important question of all, whodunit?

    Our exclusive Murder Mystery trains depart at 6.45pm.
    Prices are £46 per person and are designed for people aged 15 or over.

    Our themes for 2021 are;
    22 May – Murder on the Disorientated Express
    12 June – Brief Encounter
    17 July – Murder by Illusion
    14 Aug – Lights, Camera, Murder
    18 Sept – Crime at Café Rene (1940s)
    31 Oct – Trouble at Terror Towers

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    Please note, some elements of the murder mystery event are enacted on the station platform so it is advisable to wear warm clothing.

    Gift vouchers are available for all of our Dining Trains.

    On all of our daytime and evening dining trains our onboard bar will be open serving a selection of wine, local beers and cider and a range of non-alcoholic drinks.  For your comfort and safety smoking is not permitted on the train.  Parents are reminded that, for the benefit of staff and other guests, children should remain seated at all times during the meal.

    Our Murder Mystery events are brought to you by ‘After Dark Murder’

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