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  • Ruston Hornsby 0-6-0DH No.429

    • Pre TOPS number: 429 ‘River Annan’/’Salty’
    • Construction year: 1961
    • Builder/Number: Ruston Hornsby (466618)
    • In Service


    Built in 1961, MOD No. 429 “River Annan” is a Ruston Hornsby LSSH 0-6-0DH (diesel hydraulic) shunting engine. It is currently on loan to Elsecar Heritage Railway.

    On the face of it, it looks very similar to the BR Class 07 – and there’s a reason for that! The Class 07 was based on the Ruston Hornsby LSSE – the diesel electric version of the same locomotive, albeit with a few modifications and extras.

    Powered by a 275 hp Paxman 6RPHL 29-litre V6 engine, Twin Disc torque convertor and two-speed final drive, the LSSH is a capable short wheel base shunter, capable of handling heavy trains over short distances and tight curves.

    Nowadays, No. 429 is generally confined to Bitton Station but has been a regular performer at Bitton in the past, capable of handling 4 or 5 coach trains and keeping to the timetable! This flexiblility means it’s often rostered as a standby or “thunderbird” locomotive at special events.

    The livery isn’t original and is a key to its past life acting as “Salty” during Day Out With Thomas events.


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