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  • BR Class 107 DMU

    • No.107431 and 107445
    • Construction year: 1960
    • Builder: Derby Works – British Railways
    • In service


    Consisting of DMCL (Driving Motor Composite with Lavatory) car no. 52025 and DMBS (Driving Motor Brake Second) car no. 52006, the class 107 diesel multiple unit spent its working life in the BR Scottish Region with all members of its class being withdrawn by 1992.

    Each set originally consisited of two motor cars (DMCL & DMBS) and an unpowered trailer car between them (TSL – Trailer Second with Lavatory). There is now only one such trailer car for this class in existence, based at the Tanat Light Railway in Wales.

    Car 52025 was originally part of set number 107431 with TSL 59789 and DMBS 51991, car 52006 was originally part of set 107445 with TSL 59790 and DMCL 52036.

    Each car has two 150 hp Leyland diesel engines giving the set 600 hp in total and some fairly rapid acceleration to a top speed of 70 mph.

    The DMU can be found running on many light-season operating days and various events throughout the year.


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