• 2018 driver experiences book now!, already limited spaces

    • Join the special charter on Saturday 24 February with Kerr Stuart Well-tank ‘Willy’
      All proceeds towards the overhaul of the RSH locomotive.

      Need a Steam fix during February?
      Extra Steaming on Saturday 24th February 2018

    • Buffet Winter hours: – 9.30am – 4pm weekdays, 9am – 5.00pm weekends
      last hot food serving times:-
      Week days 3pm
      Weekends 3.30pm

    • Next Young Members’ Working Day – Saturday 17 March 2018

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    Saturday 24th February:-
    Extra Steaming “Willy” the tank
    Extra Steaming
    Special Charter – Timetable C

    Bitton (Departure)10:3011:4512:4315:0016:15
    Oldland Common (Arrival)10:3511:5012:4815:0516:20
    Oldland Common (Departure)10:4712:0213:3015:1716:32
    Bitton (Arrival)10:5212:0713:0515:2216:37
    Bitton (Departure)11:0212:1714:1215:3216:47
    Avon Riverside (Arrival)11:0912:2414:1915:3916:54
    Avon Riverside (Departure)11:2112:3614:3115:5117:06
    Bitton (Arrival)11:28~14:3815:5817:13
    Please note the, 12:43 Is a NON STOP service to Oldland Common

    Sunday 11th March:-
    Mother Sunday
    Mothering Sunday
    Mother’s Day – Timetable A

    Bitton (Departure)11:0012:1513:3014:4516:00
    Oldland (Arrival)11:0712:2213:3714:5216:07
    Oldland (Departure)11:2012:3513:5015:0516:20
    Bitton (Arrival)11:2512:4013:5515:1016:25
    Bitton (Departure)11:3012:4514:0015:1516:30
    Avon Riverside (Arrival)11:3712:5214:0715:2216:37
    Avon Riverside (Departure)11:5013:0514:2015:3516:50
    Bitton (Arrival)12:0013:1514:3015:4517:00

    We look forward to see you

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